A weekly 2-hour acting class offering you all the essentials you need to forward your journey in acting

In these classes we encourage you to discover the authentic actor inside you. We help you to recognise where your qualities lie and determine your place in this ever-toughening industry. Most importantly Lucy & Francis continually install confidence in their teaching enabling you to gain all the knowledge you need to take you, the actor, to the next level. 

Every WEDNESDAY 7:30pm- 9:30pm
Term dates 5th SEPTEMBER 2018 – 24th OCTOBER 2018
Cost of full course £100.  




Every MONDAY 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Term dates 3rd SEPTEMBER 2018 – 22nd OCTOBER 2018
Cost of full course £100.  


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Subjects we work on:

Acting for Camera

Learn the techniques, learn the tricks and learn how to behave in front of the camera. 

Acting Techniques

We work on varying techniques such as Meisner and Stanislavski giving you a clear understanding of them so you can add the techniques to your tool box.

Text Discovery

From Brecht to Butterworth, from Shakespeare to Shafter, from Wilde to Williams…Of course we have all heard of the great and most famed writers but with our wealth of knowledge of other playwrights over the centuries we can open your minds to discover and explore plays you may have not yet come across. 

Audition Technique

Learn the do’s and don’ts in the audition room. Whether you are auditioning for drama school or professional work, we can best advise you on your choice of pieces, tricks for speedy line learning and what to expect.  In some sessions we will hold mock auditions so you can experience the process.

Finding an agent

We can advise on who to write to and what to write when approaching agents.

Dialect & Voice Technique

Learn the importance of breathing technique and the connection of the breath.  Explore vocal control to enhance your performance. Learn to project the voice in a theatre yet staying intimate with your acting and learn about the intensity of the voice in front the camera.

Guest Tutors

As current jobbing actors, Lucy and Francis are constantly working with some of the top creatives and actors in the industry.  With these connections you can have the experience of meeting and learning from them also in our guest tutor sessions.